We are looking for Spring Enrichment teachers for 2024!
The areas of need: arts/crafts, foreign language, historical lectures,
informative lectures, cooking, wellness.
Please feel free to call, email or fill out the Course Idea Proposal Form.

Ed2go! Online learning for everyone.

 **NEW **   Kittery Adult Ed. has partnered with ed2go to offer online Career Training Programs (http://careertraining.ed2go.com/kae/) and online Short Courses (https://www.ed2go.com/kae).

Ed2go offers hundreds of online courses. We have highlighted just a few of the most popular career trends in our brochure and online. Feel free to call us with questions as you browse the above websites for careers or skills that might interest you! 


Kittery Adult Education offers classes in: enrichment (art/crafts, wellness, lectures, etc.), ed2go (online classes), high school completion, HiSET prep., ESL/ML (multilingual learners), Preparation for US Citizenship, College and Career Guidance and so much more.

To view PDF of brochure click on image.

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    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/gd0f04459793fe5efdc1f66979fe0bb9727c9f6adbeeaf3b1c64271a0979992b47c5b95541442148ad5a46c6bc0f93bf548761e0f2457bbb19dbd22c66a0b73f6_1280.jpg

    Hand Bound Sketchbooks

    In this class, students will create 2 hard cover sketchbooks: a Japanese Stab bound Sketchbook, and a secret Belgian Binding Book. Each of these structures lies flat when open for drawing. Class will focus on the techniques, structures, tools, materials and processes. 3 Tuesday sessions Nov. 28-Dec. 12, 6-8 p.m. Course Fee: $56 Materials fee: […]

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    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/g4b91436d0eab30586be5a43f86cc5bd6b6c002d70b3ca67ced627069dbbc7928c61b506f44b5e800862385887926726f7cb9977e3eb6ba3811bce4cc21fd2b7e_1280.jpg

    Play the Ukulele, Your Journey begins here!

    Learn to play the ukulele! It has never been more popular and you don’t even have to know how to read music! On the uke you can knock out folk music, rock, blues, jazz, pop, country, tunes old and new — even classical music. Duncan Perry, who has taught more than 700 students of all […]

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    Original source: https://pixabay.com/get/gf336546efaa3a4e5cbb18ac0150fbef36c287a0b6b12d77a5733dbe833c6aa6e87d2ab86c6db3f9c33784a027567e0e1e8d61542d9e2b2d7dae5b41bc5840a07_1280.jpg

    Holiday Wreath Decorating

    Decorate a beautiful holiday wreath using natural items such as holly, pinecones, balsam, and recycled Christmas decorations. You will receive a fresh balsam wreath to decorate. Participants are encouraged to bring unused Christmas decorations they have around the house, or greens from your property, giving them a new life on your wreath, or share with the group. All materials included.  […]

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    Ceramic Cheeseboard

    Presenting Cheese Is As Much Fun as Eating It. Would you like to create a new ceramic cheeseboard for the holidays?  This two session class is just the project you have been looking for.  The class will meet twice.  The first evening you will create your cheeseboard, including any surface decoration you might like (teacher […]

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    Facebook for Business 1

    Making a Facebook page for your business or organization is one thing- promoting it and using it as an advertising tool is another. Learn the best ways to get the word out about your page, how to incorporate photos and video, and reach as many customers as possible. Class meets at Rice Library Thursday, Nov. […]

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