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Would you like to teach for us during the Winter/Spring 2022 semester? We are looking for instructors to share their skills in arts & crafts/lectures/wellness/cooking and more.

KITTERY ADULT EDUCATION Try something new this year

Kittery Adult Education offers classes in: enrichment (art/crafts, wellness, lectures, etc.), ed2go (online classes), high school completion, HiSet, ESL, Preparation for US Citizenship, College and Career Guidance and so much more.

Ed2go! Online learning for everyone.

 **NEW **   Kittery Adult Ed. has partnered with ed2go to offer online Career Training Programs (http://careertraining.ed2go.com/kae/) and online Short Courses (https://www.ed2go.com/kae).

Ed2go offers hundreds of online courses. We have highlighted just a few of the most popular career trends in our brochure and online. Feel free to call us with questions as you browse the above websites for careers or skills that might interest you! 

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    Stop “Yo-Yo” Dieting! Change Your Eating habits!

    Take the weight off… put the weight on! You can stop the vicious cycle of “yo-yo” dieting with my revolutionary Retrain Your Brain system for weight loss.  Most unhealthy eating habits go back to the perceptions formed about food from childhood; unless you know how to correctly “release” these old habits… you are stuck with […]

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    In this class, students will develop a basic understanding of printmaking processes. We’ll create monoprints, Japanese Gyotaku prints and finish with linoleum block relief prints. For or final project, students will learn to design and develop a relief print by carving a linoleum block, inking up and printing the block and learn how to edition […]

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    Revocable Trusts & Irrevocable Trusts – Are They Right or You?

    Learn how revocable trusts can help avoid probate and protect your privacy, and how irrevocable trusts can protect your assets from nursing home or Maine Care (Medicaid) liens.  Discussion will include other strategies to safeguard assets from life events such as business failure or divorce of adult children. Kathryn Bedell is a law partner at […]

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    English – Writing for Work

    This high school diploma class is free to registered Maine Adult Ed. High School completion students. Non-academic or those wishing to improve work place skills may be subject to course fee. Please feel free to call for details.

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    Sgrafitto Plate – Pottery Hand Building techniques

    Sgraffito (in Italian “to scratch”) is a decorating pottery technique produced by applying layers of color or colors (underglazes or colored slips) to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layer(s) to create contrasting images, patterns and texture and reveal the clay color underneath. Lessons include hand-building techniques. Homework includes making the sgrafitto […]

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