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College and Career Access

with Marci Dionne

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Are you thinking about making a change in your job or career? Are you considering going back to school to further your education but are unsure of your options? Maybe you would like to take a gap year? Our college and career advisor can meet with you to complete career assessments, explore options that fit your needs, and make a plan to help you reach your goals. Get side by side support when applying for financial aid, scholarships, placement in workforce training programs and/or internships. Assistance to create resumes and with interview preparation is available. Additionally basic math, algebra, writing, and English courses are available if needed to help you improve your core skills. Call or email us today for a free.

Call 207-439-5896 or email mdionne@kitteryschools.com 

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Become a Holistic Health Practitioner PART 1

with Carolann Cliche


Next session: February 16th, 2023

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Do you have an interest in natural health and wellness? Do you like helping others? This course is an introduction to Holistic Wellness and CAM or Complimentary-Alternative Medicine therapies. You will learn how you can become a successful Holistic Health CAM Practitioner, see therapy clients and start a Holistic Wellness business. NOTE: No college degree is required in most CAM occupations only professional training or certification or licensing in the specific occupation.

Carol specializes in Neural Retraining Therapy (NRT) and has been helping people achieve wellness goals since 1998. Neural Retraining Therapy (NRT) and “train your brain” therapies have become popular buzzwords in psychology circles and one of the most sought-after therapies worldwide for making positive life changes. Note: NRT is NOT hypnosis, no trance state is needed to be successful. All classes will include free coaching support throughout the  program to help you achieve your goals as well as Carol’s eBooks. All classes are offered via ZOOM online

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Certificate in Meditation

with ed 2go

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To register for this class or for more details visit: https://www.ed2go.com/kae/online-courses/meditation-certificate-program/

Although there are many ways to meditate and many different forms of meditation, they all share the characteristic of intentionally training a person's attention and concentration. Meditation practices are used by diverse cultures, are rooted in the traditions of the great religions, and have been practiced for thousands of years to promote healing. Evidence of meditation's health effects has been well documented: the practice offers improvement in the symptoms of various disease conditions in addition to the experience of a deeper spiritual connection.

The outcome of this certificate is for the learner to describe the types and practices of meditation, specific health effects, and the practice of mindfulness meditation. (8 contact hours)

Registration unavailable
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Streaming Movies and Media

with Katie Lyons


Next session: March 9th, 2023

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Rice Public Library Tech Series

Join librarian Katie Lyons for AE technology classes at Rice Public Library!

Have you considered ‘cutting the cord’ and getting rid of your traditional cable package? From local news to live TV to premium cable, find out all the ways to watch what you want and leave the rest behind.


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FREE! Individual and group tutoring for Math, Computer Science and English is scheduled based on student needs. Computers are available to support HiSET test prep, career exploration, employer testing and job applications.

*We can adjust class time on Thursday to fit your needs

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Publish Your Book on Amazon

with Carol Charland-Cliche


Next session: February 23rd, 2023

$49 More Info


Carol has self-published a series of self-help wellness books on Amazon. She will share tips on how to market, and sell your own book online. Included in her workbook are strategies to help you get your book on Amazon (kindle or paperback), resources for editing, formatting, cover design, marketing, sales blurbs and setting up your own Amazon Author webpage. We will discuss the pros and cons of being an Independent Author/Publisher and how to avoid the 10 top mistakes new independent authors make!

This is a virtual class. You will be sent a ZOOM link.