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College and Career Access

with Marci Dionne

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Are you thinking about making a change in your job or career? Are you considering going back to school to further your education but are unsure of your options? Maybe you would like to take a gap year? Our college and career advisor can meet with you to complete career assessments, explore options that fit your needs, and make a plan to help you reach your goals. Get side by side support when applying for financial aid, scholarships, placement in workforce training programs and/or internships. Assistance to create resumes and with interview preparation is available. Additionally basic math, algebra, writing, and English courses are available if needed to help you improve your core skills. Call or email us today for a free.

Call 207-439-5896 or email mdionne@kitteryschools.com 

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This is the second course in the technology career pathway. You must pass the North Star assessments as a prerequisite. Participants will engage in 7 digital domains: Technology Basics, Digital Citizenship, Information Management, Content Creation, Communication, Collaboration, and Safety and Security. The Level 3 IC3 certification has potential to earn college credits. Live online instruction.

Free to eligible adult education students or $70 for non



Class has begun
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The World of Work Inventory (WOWi) is a comprehensive career assessment instrument, which has been carefully constructed to help a person learn the most about him or herself in relation to the wide variety of occupations available. The WOWi provides a personalized profile for each person. As a result, you will receive a listing of occupations most suitable to your unique combination of personality, interests and skills. If you are uncertain about what career you should be in, if you are considering a career change, or thinking of going back to school, the WOWI Online can help you explore your options, so you can make the best and most informed career decisions. Finding the right line of work is not always easy. Because you’re a complex person, you need a career test that measures more than one aspect of who you are in order to help you find the most suitable and satisfying occupation. That’s why WOWI Online measures interests, aptitudes, and personality. You will receive customized reports with career recommendations as well as O*NET career growth outlooks, salary ranges, and levels of education and training needed to enter the industry.

Free, 207-439-5896 call for link to take the online assessment then meet with the career counselor to interpret the career reports.

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