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Behavior Health Professional Training

with Woodfords Family Services

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Children’s Behavioral Health Services are vital to Maine’s children with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Mental Health Disorders and their families. The need in our area is great!

We are excited to connect our adult education community with this wonderful ONLINE training program. This online training is Free. The training will prepare you for employment through local social services agencies and the school districts.  

The program can be started at any time and finished at your own pace. You will complete 12 online modules then 3, 4-hour live sessions, including the new ethics and boundaries training. 

Once the modules are completed, participants that do not already possess CPR certification will be required to complete either in-person or blended Child & Adult CPR/FA training. You can take CPR through Adult Education or Woodfords Services. 

The entire training requirements will take about 45 hours. Any individual who will be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or equivalency upon completion of the course may register.


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Eating on a Low Sodium Diet

with Monica Moore

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Monica Moore MS, RD, LD

Trying to follow a low sodium diet but stuck on how to do it? People follow low sodium diets for many reasons. In this class taught by a Registered Dietitian, learn how to read food labels, typical daily sodium amounts, food substitutions, ways to reduce sodium intake, and a Q&A with the dietitian at the end.


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Certificate in Meditation

with ed 2go

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To register for this class or for more details visit: https://www.ed2go.com/kae/online-courses/meditation-certificate-program/

Although there are many ways to meditate and many different forms of meditation, they all share the characteristic of intentionally training a person's attention and concentration. Meditation practices are used by diverse cultures, are rooted in the traditions of the great religions, and have been practiced for thousands of years to promote healing. Evidence of meditation's health effects has been well documented: the practice offers improvement in the symptoms of various disease conditions in addition to the experience of a deeper spiritual connection.

The outcome of this certificate is for the learner to describe the types and practices of meditation, specific health effects, and the practice of mindfulness meditation. (8 contact hours)

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Spa Gift Set

with Sarah Holden Remick


Next session: December 13th, 2023

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You will learn how to make a selection of bath and beauty products perfect for the home spa experience. In the class, we will make all natural solid lotion bars, cleansing sugar scrub cubes and dry face masks. You will leave the class with 2 mini solid lotion bars, a jar of cleansing sugar scrub cubes and a dry face mask. You will also leave with the recipes used in the class.

Additional Material Fee: $20, paid to instructor at class by cash or check